Wednesday, March 11, 2009

general ramblings

pat has called me every day this week so far. God how I love him!!! i am not expecting a call today since it is Wednesday and he goes to mass this evening. i know he will be calling me on Thursday for sure. he is all i think about now. there is nothing else more important to me.

my weight is so far holding at 281 for the last few days.

i had to walk to walmart last night and exchange some of the clothes I bought for pat for the correct sizes. but now they are all correct and i picked up a flannel shirt, a Henley shirt and a winter jacket all on clearance, plus a bandanna. I think he will love everything. two people tried to give me a ride home once I was almost here.

i have a tooth that is bothering me and needs to be pulled pretty badly. i pulled one tooth that i think still has some root left in i need to get that looked at too. damn teeth.

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