Thursday, March 12, 2009

good morning

i am finally up before 7 am today. i got to bed around 10 last night. i really need to work harder to get on a schedule so I can start getting up again around 4:30 instead of laying around in bed constantly. i have already started doing all the laundry for today too.

i wish i could have gotten the phone yesterday i was waiting on because i never get called on Wednesday and it would have been the perfect time to get the phone activated and number ported over. i am still really pissed off at myself for not being here or checking the tracking info before i left home yesterday. nothing i can do about it now.

i wrote 2 letters to pat yesterday. i was feeling pretty bad pain wise, and worse after walking to the walmart, but i got in a evening nap and felt a little better. then i was so worried i would not be able to fall asleep again. which i did have a little bit of trouble, but managed at some point in time.

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