Friday, April 3, 2009

good morning

i got two letters from my hunny last night, and a package from a store I bought a book from. i knew i was getting important mail.

i slept decent last night.

my hermit crabs got a bit cold since i had the heat turned off to my room last night, but frodo is still up and about in the shell shop right now. he is being a bit noisy clanging around in all the shells. I had to add a short cholla wood for easier climbing in and out of the caddy for them.
yesterday i ordered 3 hemp net ladders to do more things to the crabitat, and some honey cuttlebone suppliment from the hermit crab addiction store.

today i have to go grocery shopping. i am planning on cheese pizza for dinner tonight. not sure yet what i will be eating for lunch. i have been going for mcdonald's filet of fish for friday lunches. i might do that again. you never know.

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