Friday, January 14, 2011

my gosh the time does fly when you are keeping busy. i had no idea it had been so long since i posted anything. i have been so busy using my new sewing machine and crocheting and teaching myself to knit that it seems i have little time for anything else. the holidays where especially difficult when i was trying to make gifts for everyone on my list, and once i thought i was finished doing that someone new would be added. then i had to deal with after Holiday depression because not all the gifts i made for certain people where appreciated. that killed my gift giving spirit for real. but not i am back into working and i have recently completed crocheting my first sweater. placed it for sale in my shop so you can find it there.

i am still on the weight roller coaster and i have to try to dedicate myself to the diet better. i have had terrible issues with blood sugar drops. weight this morning was 305.8 on my brand new glass scale. Jesus how I wish it was just so easy to loose 100 pounds. but it isn't easy at all. after eating like a pig yesterday today i have to try to rededicate myself to the weight loss again. i feel terrible this morning and i should. i am disgusted with myself.

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