Friday, February 18, 2011

i had a big day yesterday. well it started February 15 actually. Pat set a date for our wedding day. August 1, 2013 so it is a little way away yet. I guess something to look forward to for sure. I have plenty of time for planning. So that is the first thing. February 16th we took some of the fish babies and some of the eaters of fish babies into the fish shack and i was hoping he would buy them or give me store credit, but he didn't want to. Eventually he gave in and gave me two tiny fish I wanted. Well the Next day it one of them had died. Leigh and I went into the shop the day after and I was looking for my babies, and I could not find them. Well the owner of the shop said they died because my ph was too high in my tank and his was proper at 7.0. I wanted to scream because he killed the fish having shocked them with improper ph. So When I told pat about how the guy had reacted and how he blamed me for the loss Pat said I wasn't going in there any more and they weren't getting any more of our money. Well that was that. So then I had to find a new place to take my fish babies and fortunately for me a new store had open around thanksgiving. Pat and I stopped in there that nigh and talked with the owner. She wanted to buy my babies, all I wanted was a trade of a fish she had and a bag of zupreem for the birds. She said definitely yes and she gave me the fish to take home that night. :) Too cool. So Yesterday I got busy on the tank draining the water halfway for the general cleaning it needed anyway, and then I had to remove the big rocks from the tank to find all the fish I needed to catch for the trade. Man it was a job. I had to use our cooler to place the rocks in while I was placing fish in the fish bucket. I took her 5 baby peacocks and maybe 10 or 12 baby red zebra babies. I got the tank cleaned and put back together in about an hour. Done deal. She will take more babies when I have them too. Mamas are holding again now so in two more months I should be bringing her more. Thank God for a good place to go finally.

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