Friday, November 11, 2011


Had several set backs in life. I have been trying my best to deal with excruciating back pain. Bobbie developed a severe allergy to something, and I couldn't deal with that and my pain too so I found her a new home with some really great people, they are gonna spoil her rotten. She loved them and was happy enough to jump right up into their truck to go bye bye. They are going to have her looked at the vets office. I really hated to give Bobbie up, but i was having a hard time just filling her food and water let alone trying to do anything else that required bending.
Somehow today I have to change the bed, try to do the laundry and get a bath. Not sure if I will be able to even do those things. And yes, I am still smoking for the moment. At least I only smoke outside the house so it doesn't get all over everything.

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