Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 2012

I can hardly believe it is May already before I post something new tot he blog. Oh well such as it is. I have been keeping busy with 6 knit or crochet projects lately. I am almost finished with a new afghan for the shop. I have another one that is not yet near complete I am working on, and one for my younger sister I am working on and I have been crocheting a wrap and knitting a scarf. The last month has been quite hectic.
Miles went back to the vet for a second shot for his mites. He is so much better. We got a puppy from a friend of ours. She is a small handful too. We had to take her for shots, a baby tooth that needed pulling and a spay surgery. She barks constantly. I miss Bobbie on that account, but not every dog is the same. She is pretty good on all other things though. Miles comes out more and plays with her some. So that in itself was worth all the trouble having a puppy can bring. She is company for me and I need it, so not complaining.
I got new glasses again too. I had to get trifocals this year, man I feel really old now, but the doctor recommended progressive lenses. Boy they are hard to get used to. I am slowly getting used to them. I got my transitions lenses for the first time in my life too. I love those for sure.
I have been letting my hair grow out, its at the point now where I can put it up off my neck and pin it back so it doesn't tangle in the wind, so I like that ok. I am still smoking out on the deck every day. Some days more then others.

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