Thursday, February 19, 2009

good morning

i am up and around early today. took a shower and got dressed. wearing white pants and a white turtle neck with a pink striped shirt today. it is a balmy 17 degrees this morning. there is a definate chill in the air inside today. tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50's yay. i trimmed my hair up some before my shower this morning. it feels much better now.

i did not get a letter from pat yesterday in the mail. i am hoping it is just due to the holiday on Monday making all the mail a day late. i can hardly wait to get another letter or a phone call from him anymore. it seems to be what keeps me going lately. it makes me feels special to get them.

i am hurting a lot today. i had to walk to the closest local bank yesterday to help Hannah start her own checking account. at least we got it done for her. my legs are killing me and my body pain in general is just bad anyway, but life goes on i just have to bitch a little and move on already.

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