Thursday, February 26, 2009

this evening

i have a pot of rice cooking in the kitchen, and waiting to cook some red meat to go with it.

I got a letter from pat, and he sent another picture in it. awesome. him and his two younger kids. his daughter is the same age as hannah. i have sent him a letter every day this week I hope he likes that. :) I cant wait until July when i get to see him.

i had to walk to the bank this afternoon to pick up my checks since they do not send them to the mobile home park anymore. my asthma is killing me with the terribly strong wind this afternoon. i had to take something for pain when i got home.

i am starting to get better, my nose is clearing at times and i can breath through it finally. i took a nap earlier this afternoon. i have been getting my schedule regulated as much as i can, but i still have some trouble getting to sleep.

i got the rest of the stuff i ordered today too.

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