Thursday, February 26, 2009

good morning

well i did not stay in bed very long his morning. i did try but i felt like i wanted to get u0 and get dressed so I did. i must be trying to get better even though i am still having all the same problems.

i took care of my crabs this morning, changing their water dishes and checking on them. pippin is so very cute.

i tried to play a game at pogo but i did not get to finish because the game started running slow, so i closed it and cleaned the cookies and such up. i hope to try to get back to the games soon.

i started a load of laundry, i have to get it in the dryer now, andrew can fold the stuff later on.

it is a rainy kind of day today, but then it will turn off cold again for a few more days. it started raining this morning about 5:30. It has stopped for now until later today but still very cloudy.

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