Wednesday, February 25, 2009

good night and then some more too

sorry for not posting about much but being sick. it is really the only thing i have going on right now. i have been writhing letters to pat every day and mailing them every day since i dont have the phone time to allow him to call me as often as we would both like, so I am hoping that getting a new letter every day will help him to feel better and me too.

i am ready for bed and sitting on the edge of the bed writing. i love having a laptop now. not sure i would want a desktop computer again. they are way too bulky for me. i love the freedom the laptop allows.

my neighbor is out there banging around and such again. god how i am tired of her already. i tried really hard to be friendly with her. to no avail it seems. i am not kissing her ass and walking on glass with her. i was here first. every day and night it is all the same crap with her.

pippin is doing really great in the 20 gallon tank..the heat lamp arrived today and i got that set up for him. wish my temp/hum. gauge would arrive too. getting tired of dragging one between two tanks. anyway, he found the food dish today and was happily eating until he saw me walk into the room then he dived into his shell to hide from me. he is much more comfy in this room though because it is darker and way quieter then the living room. i can hardly wait for the others to come up from their molts in the 10 gallon tank.

i am seriously thinking about staying in bed longer tomorrow than i did today. i think if i had stayed in bed i maybe would feel better then i do. my nose is so sore from sneezing and blowing all the time. i don't think i am getting any better but i know i am not getting any worse either.
i lost 3 pounds according to the bathroom scale.

i am so ready to try to get some sleep. good night.

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