Monday, March 16, 2009

shopping and packing

i am keeping so busy lately. today i went shopping again at walmart. i got 3 hand towels and 4 wash rags for the bathroom towels set I just got and washed and packed them all up for the move in july. i also got a small accent lamp for $5 on clearance, perfect for use in the bedroom. and i got 3 dvds for $5 each. when harry met sally, u-571, and i forget teh title of the other one.
david brought me home some boxes from work so i have been cleaning up no essential items and packing them up for july. my back is killing me now. i need to take a break so here i am. i packed up all my craft and sewing stuff except for what i am still working on, maybe if i can i will get those things completed before i need to pack that up.

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