Friday, March 13, 2009


i got up around 7. took a shower and got dressed, then i decided to walk to walmart. i bought something there to try it out. they finally had the smooth away system, so i got it. not sure if it will work or not, but giving it a try. i more then likely will give it to hannah. i have a fantasic razor. i dislike many of those as seen on tv things. i also got pat another package of socks. they where on clearance so not too expensive but very nice socks.

i hope that pat gets "weak" and calls me tonight. i do love hearing his voice, and its even better when i can hear it daily. God I love him so much.

I am starting chapter 3 in the complete idiots guide to understanding catholicism.

outside they are trimming trees and mulching the branches. noisy noisy. but i guess needed at some point in time.

i saw some dishes and glassware on clearance at walmart. i was tempted to buy, but i did not because pat and i are going to pick out stuff together in july.

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