Thursday, March 12, 2009


i got to talk to pat and wish him a happy birthday. i hope it was a good one for him. f course he wont get his gifts from me until July but they are here waiting for him. i can hardly wait for the next time he calls me.

i got my new cricket phone and have called to get the number ported over from my stupid net 10 phone, but it may not be completed before tomorrow. i am supposed to call cricket again around 1 pm to check the status of the port tomorrow. i sure hope it works ok. i would hate to have to keep two phone running until July.

i found out tonight that he hasn't been sleeping much either, poor baby. we both suffer from the same thinking problem. just one more thing we have in common. i know that once all goes the way it should an d we are finally together we will crash and sleep very soundly. at least i think it will happen.

the boys are both playing video games. i hate that stuff and i will be glad not to have to listen to them anymore. they drive me crazy. Hannah is at the talent show at the high school tonight. i am pretty tired and i need to try to get some sleep but i am waiting for Hannah to get home before i go to bed.

today i started reading the book, the complete idiots guide to understanding Catholicism. i hope i spelled that correct. i am getting read to start chapter 3. so far so good. i will not be going to start rcia classes until after i move though even though i want to start them asap. i think it will just be easier to wait until after i move. well this is just part of the reason why i can't sleep way too much on my mind constantly.

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