Monday, October 24, 2011

october 24, 2011

Well I gave up smoking again 6 days ago since I hated to spend the money on cigarettes, and I hated the rain and the cold outside too. I have decided also to reopen my etsy shop. I did that yesterday. I am glad that my smoking only occurred outdoors and did not ruin my house or the things I keep here. I quit cold turkey, which is really hard and making you a terribly cranky person to live with. I have found it is easier every day to keep myself busy and not thinking about it too much. I step at a time I guess.

I had to get rid of all the guinea pigs I had, because it turned out I was terribly allergic to them. I had gone into anafalacktic(sp?) shock and I really don't need to die trying to make a buck, so I gave that all up.

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