Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year

so i slept through the new year turning over. i guess it was for the best. Pat finally decided to let me have a cat, and we adopted a shelter cat. He is an older one so kinda shy and scared, but life is better out of a cage. He still hides but visits us in the master bathroom when we use it. Kinda funny. Stays under our bed most of the rest of the time but its only been 3 days, so i can live with that. He is eating finally and using his litter box. poor guy had a rough life so far. was on his own for a while then hit by a car last September, and then caged for several months. he was so underweight at the time he was found it s a miracle he survived everything. he still could stand to put on a couple of pounds.


  1. Looks like a nice cat. Give him time and he will come around. You will have to win his confidence.
    Happy New Year to you and Pat.

  2. thank Judith. Happy new year to you too