Friday, January 6, 2012

so today i am really groggy because i stayed up late trying to fashion a cat bed out of an old wicker laundry basket, some fleece and polyester fiberfill. it turned out acceptable I think.

I finally got around this morning. I had to put a package out for the postman to pick up today. I almost forgot about that, so i stumbled out of the house in my nightgown and robe to place the package where i said it would be. then i came in to sit for a few minutes and get myself together. i was so shaky this morning. glad it is over for the time being. so i have done my usual getting around stuff, showered, dressed, scooped the litter box, etc.

i have decided I have to get more older baby hats in the shop. i only have two left after all the sales this winter, and winter pretty much has just started. will try that today i guess. i am still trying to finish an afghan i am in process of crocheting. its big and heavy now so i have some trouble working on it. no reading will be done today unless i need a break.

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